We have the capability to translate content into over 70 languages through our talented, sizeable translation team. We deliver expert translation into multiple industries, including betting and gaming, financial services, sports and cryptocurrency sectors.

Our team prides itself on providing a service which clients can rely on to ensure a seamless experience for their customers. 

Betting and Gaming

We create and supply hundreds of daily stories, features and previews, many hours of live and recorded audio services, video, marketing and translation in over 70 languages. Producing high-quality, engaging content for local markets over time we have built a large and trusted network of knowledgeable broadcasters, reporters and editors covering many different languages and territories.

Other Industries

Our depth of translation is not confined to gaming but can be used across a wide variety of industries. Our experience in the food, financial and public sector can help your business reach new customers worldwide.

Translated editorial and commentaries

Through the use of iGaming journalists, our localisation expertises make us stand out from the crowd. Our expert writers reach customers around the globe by producing content in over 70 languages and dialects.

Specialist commentators and contributors from around the globe offer analysis, in-game commentaries and live score updates in over 25 languages.

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