Spotlight On Trading

In 2019, Racing Post and partners Banach Technologies and TXODDS developed the new best-in-class horseracing trading solution AllSported. AllSported combines the expertise and knowledge of all three partners to provide customers with made-to-measure odds, engagement-driving content and risk management all through one streamlined integration. This will help bookmakers grow market share in the multi-billion pound horseracing market.


By independently pricing and not replicating other bookmakers AllSported can provide you with a made-to-measure offering for your customers which makes you stand out from the crowd.

With over 13,000 UK and Ireland horse races a year, there are consistent opportunities for your brand to offer customers a unique experience. Add in international racing and the choice and opportunities are even wider.

AllSported uses a combination of historical data – from Racing Post’s vast knowledge bank – market data from TXODDs and Banach Technologies optimised weightings to devise an accurate meeting line.

Using an information aggregation model and a reiterative model based on a set of values AllSported produces one price to reflect the selection’s 100% line within that market. Bookmakers can then add their own preferred margin giving you total control of your own overround and liabilities and giving your customers the ultimate betting experience.

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